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High temperature resistant tie band, high temperature resistance
2017-08-08 11:13:00 来源:本站 浏览:270

High temperature resistant tie bar is a tie with industry wide application, high temperature resistant and general tie can reach one hundred and fifty degrees high temperature tolerance, recommended synthetic resin and glass fiber made of high temperature resistant tie tie in the industry, the high temperature resistant types in addition to tie this feature also has the characteristics of high temperature corrosion resistance and good stability. In addition, high temperature resistant tie in the binding process has certain operating handle, can complete the requirements of high speed lashing, have better insulation property at the same time, the self-locking can achieve more secure and more convenient to use.
The high temperature resistant tie band can be used better and more widely in the electronic factory, and the inner connecting lines of the internal wires of televisions, computers and other electrical appliances are bundled. It is because of the high temperature resistant band that has these advantages that it can be applied to various places where higher temperatures are produced, and its market prospects are even broader than those of other tie types.