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Features of high temperature nylon tie and low temperature nylon tie
2017-08-08 11:12:00 来源:本站 浏览:234
The scope of application of nylon belt is more and more widely, in the manufacturing process, performance has been improved, and some have gradually appeared in some high temperature or low temperature resistant nylon cable ties, this kind of product has gradually replaced a lot of metal materials, here we come together to find out nylon tape can withstand the temperature range.
In general, the nylon band can withstand a temperature range of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees celsius. Some good performance, can withstand 40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius temperature, high temperature and low temperature resistant nylon tape can withstand different temperature, is mainly restricted by the two conditions, one is the material limit, two environmental restrictions. Under the same conditions, the general material nylon tape in a smaller range, is not to tie what caused by injury, and those who can bear larger temperature difference nylon material used is a special material. Nylon tie tape in order to achieve higher resistance to low temperature effects, relying solely on materials is not good, the use of the environment also has certain requirements.
For the vast number of users, according to the different use environment, choose the appropriate plastic band, so as to achieve the highest value of the band.