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At present, the tie tape produced by the tie manufacturer is usually self - locking nylon tie
2017-08-08 11:10:00 来源:本站 浏览:303
Through market research data show that we can find that the current band manufacturers to produce tie tape is generally self-locking nylon tie tape, analysis of its reasons, mainly in the following.
On the one hand, nylon tape market demand far exceeds the PVC band, stainless steel tie tie and other materials, mainly because the nylon strip light, conductive, low production cost, the use of higher price. Second, the highest utilization rate of nylon tie wire is the self-locking nylon band. Self locking nylon tie with a backstop function, the more pull, the more tight, can be locked in the slot where the self-locking nylon strap can meet the user's requirements for varying degrees of tightness. As a result, fixed lines and fixed small objects are often used.
Self locking nylon tie belt meets the requirements of people's use of tie band, so more and more people begin to use self locking nylon tie band, which is affected by market demand, and the number of manufacturers is increasing.