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There are many kinds of tie strips produced by tie manufacturers
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In order to meet the needs of the market and increase the volume of business and increase the income of enterprises, tie belt manufacturers have introduced many kinds of nylon ties. Including the self-locking nylon cable tie, slipknot nylon tape, tamper proof nylon tape, nylon tape, fixed head bolt nylon belt etc..
Self-locking nylon cable tie only more and more tightly tied, strong stability, high fixing capability, can be locked in the groove, the disadvantage is not release the prisoners; nylon tape can be artificially controlled, or want to loosen tight strapping objects can be controlled by adjusting the tightness of the bayonet, easier to use, but the price is slightly higher than the self-locking nylon cable tie tamper; nylon tie is for stability and safety of the design, adjustment can not be tied to a certain degree of tightness, stop using the only way is to cut ties......
The customers can choose the nylon ties according to the actual needs, and they can also be supplied to the manufacturers for customization and processing.