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Test and verification of quality and performance of nylon ties
2017-08-08 11:03:00 来源:本站 浏览:205
With the development of economy and the advance of socialized production, the application range of nylon tie band is more and more extensive, and gradually involves all fields. Manufacturers of nylon ties are also increasing year by year, but the technology, quality and so on of each manufacturer are quite different, and the products produced are also intermingled with the whole consumer goods market. Therefore, for the users of the tie belt, it is necessary to have a certain basic knowledge to choose the most suitable nylon ribbon products with high cost performance.
The choice of nylon ties starts with these two points, first of all, the quality of the appearance. Under normal circumstances, plastic products will have some small defects, such as lack of material, deformation, bubbles and so on. Although these defects do not affect the use, but it is a potential threat to induce quality accidents. Therefore, the user must carefully observe the belt at the time of purchase, to avoid the purchase of defective products. Two is concerned about the quality and performance of nylon tie tape. The most important inspection point of nylon tie band is its tripping force. By exerting a certain force on the tie band, it is observed that the bearing capacity of the tie band is large, so as to determine the quality of the tie belt. Those with high flexibility and good ductility can meet the needs of users and reduce the cost.