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Nylon strap is currently on the market chaotic reality
2017-08-08 11:02:00 来源:本站 浏览:148
At present, with various sizes of non-standard nylon tie products flooded the market, resulting in many versions of the same standard products and even the same brand manufacturers price diversity, which seriously undermined the market price system, but also to the majority of users caused great negative impact. Finally, will make customers only price factors concerned in the choice of manufacturers, while ignoring the nature of the product, so that some manufacturers in order to reduce costs and produce some poor quality products, serious damage to a good market order.
The reason why the price difference between the unified specifications of nylon band products is too large is mainly due to the following reasons: first, the use of raw materials of different quality. Two is the actual size of the specifications, there is a certain error. Three is the actual packing quantity and the number of labels on the package is in line with. Four is the manufacturer's technical and hardware equipment is different. This series of factors can lead to differences in the quality and price of the products produced by the tie manufacturer. At present, the actual state of the market is large domestic manufacturers and technology R & D capability is also located in the international advanced level, and therefore foreign tie manufacturers contrast, the same product quality has no price advantage