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Properties and influencing factors of nylon tie tape
2017-08-08 11:01:00 来源:本站 浏览:144
Nylon tie is a kind of engineering plastic, it adopts nylon 66 injection molding nylon, tie band, mechanical performance is very superior. Moreover, the binding ring diameter and tensile strength of different specifications of nylon tie tape are different, so that the nylon tie band can cope with different binding environment, and greatly improve the use effect.
However, we should also pay attention to the following factors in the process of using. First of all, because the band is plastic material, so it is affected by temperature. Nylon tie band temperature range of about - 40~85C, still can maintain good mechanical characteristics; secondly, because the bundle has a certain moisture absorption performance. As soon as the water content increases, the extensibility will be improved, but the tensile strength and rigidity will become lower and lower, and the use effect will be greatly reduced. Finally, a good resistance to chemical corrosion, the nylon band can be stable in the acid-base environment, but if it is a strong acid or phenolic chemicals, its properties will change greatly.
To sum up, I believe you will better use the nylon tie belt.