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Advantages and points for attention of nylon tie
2017-08-08 11:00:00 来源:本站 浏览:144
Nylon tie band, a kind of nylon tie band made of nylon, also called nylon lock belt, tie wire belt and so on. Nylon tie band is widely used in daily life, very simple and convenient, and has been liked by very many people. Therefore, the number of its kind very much, if according to the functional distinction may include self-locking binding tape, movable ribbon, tamper (seal) ribbon, ribbon, label aircraft head belt, fishbone tie, tie and other weather.
The nylon band is relatively simple, mainly for people to tie things together. But because of its high efficiency, it is widely used in various occasions such as Christmas gift factory, electronic factory and so on. However, when the need to pay attention, this tie is by virtue of novel design style, realizing binding before and after using the slide tooth displacement principle, so the quality is better, especially the wear resistance of the sliding gear to withstand a certain strength, otherwise the minutes will appear crack and lose function.
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