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Problems and solutions in the production of nylon tie wires
2017-08-08 10:58:00 来源:本站 浏览:159
In our daily life, the pack is more nylon tie, the tie up fast and convenient, but there are many types, can be used for various items of the banding, so by the majority of users praise, acceptance is also more and more high. With the expansion of the consumer market, a lot of people have been involved in the tie industry, in order to get a slice of the soup.
In tie industry development, for many beginners, the production process will encounter a variety of problems, only after a long time of exploration research can be produced to meet user requirements, high quality nylon tape. Here summarize some of the problems encountered in production and solutions, hoping to give some help to the new line of friends.
One is the production of tie buckle, not wear tie holes, this kind of problem is due to the anterior cingulate, walk or travel too short perforation after deduction of groove position and tie holes are not caused by, this kind of problem can be increased through travel or adjusted before the buckle buckle groove and a belt hole the position of the solution. Two is strapped, not tight, mostly because the card slot trip is too short, resulting in can be appropriately extended to solve. Three is the lever does not come out, easy to be stuck. It may be due to the lack of lubricant or the damage of the solenoid spring of the lever, and the problem can be solved by adding lubricant or replacing the spring.