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How to distinguish the quality of nylon ties?
2017-08-08 10:57:00 来源:本站 浏览:150

The tie band is made of nylon 66, which is dissolved at high temperature during the process of making it. However, the seemingly simple tie is not as simple as we thought, the quality of different Qi tie under different market conditions. So, how to choose the quality of the pass bar?
First of all, as everyone knows, when dissolved in the raw material, if the temperature is too high will probably lead to destruction of the property of raw materials, produced by the band is very crisp, not pull off this, you may wish to try in the selection of the pull of the attempt, in ensuring the quality of clearance after the purchase; secondly, to observe the bar with the performance of the color, the poor quality of the bar is easy to turn yellow with color, that is high temperature after forming heat dissipation caused by delay, if so, tie in the selection of raw materials and try to pick a color similar to the color of the color; finally, not too white. If the contrast found that the color is too white, it is likely to increase additives such as additives, the quality of such band is more unstable, can not stand the test of practice.