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Reasonable selection of tie tape manufacturers to ensure the quality of strapping
2017-08-08 10:54:00 来源:本站 浏览:191
Tie as the daily life of motor, electrical wiring harness special line has a very important role for the band, how to choose the tie for different corrosion environments and different temperature environment must be adapted to local conditions". It also tells us that when we choose the tie manufacturer, we should also make a comprehensive consideration, so as to guarantee the quality of the tie belt, so that the bundle coil is required to have more electrical safety performance.
Commonly used in the market with high temperature resistant tie - in, low temperature resistant ties and ordinary nylon tie tape and so on. These tie them according to the performance of high temperature resistance and other properties, often have different characteristics, so we buy in the tie and choose to tie with the manufacturers should pay attention to, starting from their own needs, to find and choose the most suitable for our production and packaging tie. To do these preparations, then we can choose to tie the band when the manufacturers will be able to polish their eyes, and choose the suitable for their own production using the tie.