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A new channel with an export tie with sales
2017-08-08 10:52:00 来源:本站 浏览:165
As a big manufacturing country in the world, the production of tie band is also in the peak production area in the world. Various types of nylon ties, high temperature resistant tapes and low temperature resistant tie tapes produced in our country have been unanimously praised in the international market.
With the continuous improvement of the domestic production capacity of tie tapes and the increasing demand for tie products in foreign markets, the domestic tie belt areas are actively seeking new breakthroughs and new possibilities. Among them, the "export tape" is an important step forward in this field. With the development of the industry sector, the export of tie can be said to be the general trend. The domestic surplus and the vacancy in the international market make it necessary to export. Similarly, development tells us that this is indeed a feasible path. Through the establishment of the export policy of the tie belt, the chain of our sales belt is more perfect, and thus it has created greater benefits. It has been proved correct.