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A brief introduction to ties
2017-08-08 10:51:00 来源:本站 浏览:225
A band, simply said, is a strap used for strapping, usually referred to as belts, locks, etc.. If it is divided according to the material, they usually have stainless steel ties, nylon ties, plastic ties and so on. At present, the scope of application is expanding nylon strap, because nylon strap durability, the price is relatively cheap, such as "cost-effective" advantage of nylon strap market demand is growing.
So what are the characteristics of the tie? The first is binding is simple and fast, tie is used for binding objects, so the complexity of bundling and strapping speed attention, currently on the market have a tie slot, a wear pull will be able to complete the operation, extremely easy to use. In addition, the binding effect of the tie belt is good, and the strapping is firm and difficult to disperse. Because of this, all kinds of materials of the band is widely used in various fields, large to ships, machinery and equipment, small to electronic toys, electronic parts, there is no need to tie the band.