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Common nylon tie band with the highest utilization rate
2017-08-08 10:47:00 来源:本站 浏览:149
Plain nylon bands are of high use in all tie types because of their simple material and relatively inexpensive price, thereby ensuring that they are better suited to the market. Nylon tie in the market wide application is also related to some other factors, its good performance has also ensured the nylon tie has the characteristics of strong, able to meet most of the demand for environmental nylon, nylon common tie is called strip, also divided into beam line self-locking type plate belt, tie, tie bolt type and fixed type tie.
These tie strips have different characteristics according to their own morphology and properties, and the places used also change accordingly. These tie strips are commonly used in electrical and mechanical products, cables, computers, electronic products, and automotive wiring harnesses. They play an important role in the wiring harness for precision wiring. As one of the most important things in daily life, tie has great production space.