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Some of China's exports are exported to foreign countries, most of which are used by the domestic industrial and agricultural industries
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With the development of the world economy, "bringing in" and "going out" has become an important way to improve the economy, every country will inevitably introduce foreign products, processing, sales price, the use of raw materials, will affect the variety and quantity of import.
For example, tie, Chinese in ancient times had been using tie, but that is not called tie, but plays are tied, the modern use of tie only material and process of making changes, the effect is not changed. At present, China's export belt, facing the world's countries, export tape has become an important part of China's economic "going out".
As we know, tie strips, whether they are nylon ties or PVC ties, are mass produced. The production cost is not high and the labor force is not enough. Therefore, the price of the export tie tape is greatly affected by the tariff.