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High temperature resistant tie bar is a tie with industry wide application, high temperature resistant and general tie can reach one hundred and fifty degrees high temperature tolerance, recommended synthetic resin and glass fiber made of high temper
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A tie band is a band that plays a binding role. A band that is resistant to high temperature is a tie that can continue to be used without changing its properties and functions at high temperatures.For the moment, the band is divided into three grade
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The scope of application of nylon belt is more and more widely, in the manufacturing process, performance has been improved, and some have gradually appeared in some high temperature or low temperature resistant nylon cable ties, this kind of product
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In life, people will always work in the low temperature environment or life, but low temperature binding is not a simple matter, because once the temperature is too low, has great influence on the quality of a lot of material, can not even achieve bi
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Tie is a motor or other electrical appliances with precision strapping line, modern equipment for various electrical appliances production equipment production continues to accelerate, with production and the use of rate is also rising, the main type
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